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  • "Welcome to The Grand Inspire Days Celebration!"

  • The "Grand Inspire Days" celebration!!! Yes for the very first time in the history of NLP India an event of this kind. The largest gathering of NLPians and non NLPians. And the good news it is open to all. Call it by any name you want a convention, an amalgamation, an Alumnus, a conference or a reunion… for us it is a platform to inspire ourselves and the world. Hence we call this event, an “INSPIRE DAYS”. So if you want to be inspired, challenged, provoked, amused, fired up, tickled, shocked, overwhelmed this is the place to be. We strongly believe by learning NLP you not only learn to model excellence but also find your own and when you take that discovered excellence to the world you bring about massive transformation in the environment in gentle and unique ways. So in this platform, you are in the midst of top class exemplars and exemplars who have made the ordinary within them extraordinary. We have a remarkable array of sessions given by our associates in India and the rest of the world. If you want to be inspired in your coaching, your learning, the way you build and run your business, the way you lead and encourage others and the way in which you live your life in a state of curiosity and joy … then join us now…
  • Holding an outcome for oneself is good. Holding an outcome for others is powerful It was 2008 October and the recession was at its peak. I lost a good decent job and it was difficult to get a job for a person of my age 45 as there were youngsters who will do a better job for less pay. With a meagre saving, living has become tough for me. All the interviews attended were futile. I met an old friend of mine who told me to start a business and he continued “you were working for health industry and if you can do a business that improves health of the people, will also improve their efficiency to a greater extent. I took a decision to start a business. I was thinking for an earnings for the survival of me and my family. If I do a business, I can employ more people who can make a living for many. If the business is for a good cause for others, it will grow by itself. I started my business with 6 employees with one branch and got into the field of “Fitness Equipments” on 17th December 2008 and today as it stands completing 7 years. When my friend called me and asked me how the business is, I answered “more than 2 million customers and a business grown to feed not my family alone, it feeds more than 400 families today. Those who are going to be with me during my presentation, be aware that if you are not in business will start one very soon and for those who are already in business will find a new passionate way of doing it differentlly from what it is today.....it’s my promise.

    Sreekumar V. Menon
  • Write to speak to your heart When you write, magic flows It knows not what to think, It holds not what to say, It speaks a language of your heart and on it goes Where words meet life! If you wish to learn to express yourself … this is the place to be! In India, silence is a virtue for a woman. Silence coupled with endurance is the quality of a cultured lady. To express your views is to rebel. Ever since the 19th century women, not just in India, but the world over took to authoring books under the pseudo names of men to be better accepted by the society. My first written interview about the harsh realities for India’s working women was featured in the Huffington post. This gave me the impetus to start expressing my views on the changing status of women in India through my writing. Apart from writing on NLP, my writing featured on international women websites and blogs. I broached the following subjects ✓ Indian women are changing with time; what about Indian men? ✓ Why do Indian women need to change their self- perception? ✓ Women entrepreneurial quotient ✓ Gender lies in the eyes of the Culture ✓ Women’s safety in 2014 on Indian roads With this session on writing we will explore: What does writing mean to you? How to access the state of writing? How it helps in expressing your heart? How to use the power of your writing to influence a change This workshop will be relevant to anyone who wants to experience the power of writing and the self discovery it can bring about. This may be a plunge into your heart; to emerge for the purpose you most stand for. Payal Gandhi Hoon is an Indian Woman entrepreneur, NLP specialist and founder of Tamarai–an emotional wellness and corporate training company. She is a Mentor at the Cherie Blaire Foundation, Sheroes, Global mentoring walk and an External member (ICC) against Sexual Harassment for Women with a law firm in India.

    Payal Gandhi Hoon
  • Just do it What is that one thing that you have always wanted to do, that you know, will change your life? Something that you have been holding back, something that you have been waiting “to be ready for” or “be prepared” or “be perfect at it” When you come in to this session, come in keeping that ‘thing’ in mind. It could be anything; to go to that place you have always wanted to visit or to get in touch with someone that you have wanted to contact since a long time. Or maybe it something like learning to drive a car, take guitar lessons, learn to cook … And in this session, you will discover that you have what it takes; that you do indeed have all the resources you will ever need to live the lifte you truly want and to live each moment in a purposeful way. I am writing this sitting in a hut at Kheerganga village on Himalayas 3450m above sea level. Ever since I was 15, I have wanted to celebrate a birthdays (literally) on the top of the world. In one weeks time I will be 26. And in those years I have managed to do many things that I love. So come and join me to find out how to do what you really want to do and how to be the way you really want to be. Word of caution: At the end of the session, you just might take action on your desires. So, make sure that what you think about when you enter is something very very special.. PS: If the thing you are thinking about is a journey .. you might want to bring some packed suitcases!

    Nishith Shah
  • Learn it, Live it, Share it I was born in a middle class Indian family. Both my parents were teachers. My dad an English Professor in a University and my mother a school teacher. Back in the 80s and 90s, children in India were encouraged by their parents to become Doctors or Engineers, as they believed that that ensured professional success in life with good career opportunities. My elder sister hit the education bandwagon earlier first and she enrolled in Medical school. I was destined to become an Engineer, even though I had no interest in becoming one. I was admitted into one of the Prestigious Engineering Colleges in India and completed a Civil Engineering course, followed by a Masters in Computer Science in the USA. ‘Behind every behavior there is an unconscious positive intention’, keeping that Belief of Excellence in mind, I believed (and it was true) that the positive intention for my parents was to make sure that I had an excellent education one that ensured professional success. And I have had the privilege to work with companies like Ernst and Young and IBM. However even though professionally successful, I felt something was missing - I had an urge to explore more; a desire to excel not only professionally, but also in my personal life. In particular I wanted to go beyond self and do something for society. I attended my first NLP program in July 2011, with the goal of improving my communication skills and to learn new methodologies/frameworks that would help me to excel in both my career and my life. Feeling that I was achieving these things I decided to progress with my NLP and studied as an NLP Trainer.Little did I know that my life was going to be transformed. Being a Trainer came naturally to me, I feel it is encoded in my DNA. I discovered my true passion and talent. I have been able to achieve great success in my professional life in large corporations as a result of applying NLP principles, as well as in my personal life. I still work in a large Corporate and I now run programmes so that others can learn what I have learned. Join me on Inspire day to discover what were the key factors in this discovery and the success I now believe I have and how you can find that for yourself. I will be sharing: my journey, mistakes I have made, fears I had, my learnings, attitudes I have developed, beliefs that I have established, my vulnerabilities, the driving force in my life, what motivates me, the deep connection I established with myself by connecting with my values, going beyond self and making an impact in society at large, and who I am as a person now. And I will be encouraging you to do the same!

    Vikram Dhar
  • Speak “According to most studies, people's number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. Death is number two!!! Does that surprise you? This means to the average person, if you go to a funeral, you're better off in the casket than doing the eulogy!” Jerry Seinfeld If you are somebody who is super confident about speaking in front of an audience… Then don’t come to this session (unless of course you believe there is always more to learn!) If you are somebody who speaks dynamically with clarity in front of an audience… Then don’t come to this session (unless of course you believe there is always more to learn!) If you are somebody who knows how to engage your audience… Then don’t come to this session! (unless of course you believe there is always more to learn!) Still Readin…? Then I guess we will meet at the session. And be prepared to get off your seat and Speak!!! And PS if that study at the head of this session did not surprise you then this session is definitely for you. You can deal with death later!

    Vinay Chavan
  • Inside my green book I believe we have an innate interest in nature and its beautiful forests. And yet today, we live a world where nature is fractured and plundered. It is the rivers and the numerous ecosystems that keep us alive. The question is how can we preserve these vital and precious treasures. This is my commitment. It has been two decades since my curiosity was aroused by this wonderful world in which we live. And I have been blessed in being able to follow my passion for both nature and photography. I have traveled to various places across India on unique photography projects; an extreme Himalayan winter expedition on the frozen Zangskar River and more recently a 3000 km journey along the mighty River Ganga from the sea to the source. And in all of the projects I gain a deeper richer understanding of people and nature. I am blessed to have this experience. Four years ago, I reflected on my journey and decided that I did not want to be just another nature photographer documenting the beauty of nature and witnessing simultaneously its ruthless destruction. I chose to join with my mentor, wildlife filmmaker Shekar Dattatri to shape my life in a more meaningful way. We started the Youth For Conservation (YFC), a non-profit environmental and conservation education initiative working towards connecting the young minds of India to a deeper understanding of nature and conservation. We have used nature and wildlife documentaries, photographs and innovative activities to work with thousands of children on this incredibly cherishing journey. These outreach education programs are the amazing space in which I live; a space where nature, photography, filmmaking, education and conservation converge. My journey has been an unusual and exciting one and I would like to share it with you. I invite you to join me to share some of this journey of exploration across India's incredible natural wonders and maybe you will leave with the question - ‘What part can I play in this precious future?’ If so my time will have been used well

    K. Ramnath Chandrasekhar
  • Key to Happiness What is happiness to you? Is it a stretched imagination, a delicate bubble or a firm reality? Do you find yourself at the mercy of what happens or at the root of it? If you woke up happy one morning, and something went wrong, someone you love is upset with you, your car has a puncture, there’s bad traffic, you reach late for a meeting. What happens? Does your happiness bubble burst or stay with you? Do you think life is 99% what happens and 1% how you react? Imagine yourself being a Television and someone else has your remote.Here’s a chance to get the remote in your hands. Come, let’s find out - how to own and create the effect that you want for yourself. Let’s catch the elusive dream of happiness and make that a constant reality. Let's explore what it takes to be happy with yourself and the world! I am 'Happy Arul'. And I will share the secret of being happy and managing your state the way you want, at all times. You could be 'Happy You' too! It's time you own that adjective for yourself! Arul, a joyful coach, a happy NLP trainer, a delightful entrepreneur, a smiling friend, a cool dad and much more.

    Arul Subramaniam
  • Inside Outside I am an Image Consultant. My job involves helping people to portray their desired image. For example when a man in a corporate world wants to look authoritative in the office, I suggest that he wears a white shirt with a dark plain suit accentuated with a blue or maroon tie and paired up with Oxford or Derby shoes! Remember the socks must match the color of the trousers! And a round dial watch with a leather strap gives a classic touch to the whole look! And yes, all the leather accessories like the belt, and any carry bag must of course be of the same colour. See! He is all set to show the world his power! Interesting?! No! Although yes this was true for me until I learned NLP! Then I came to know that anything outside the skin is environment!! And I became aware that our soul is the powerful decision maker and not the brain! What I was actually doing was grooming the surface and not the soul as a way of promoting the person. It is a strategy for image projection and it did work but I realised that it was a short lived strategy! I discovered another way of projecting the truth of who we are from the inside out. And this way is an insightful solution indeed a much easier way. And this is the way that helped me to grow up in life in way that is strong and balanced. Join me on the Inspire Day and I will share this ‘inside out’ strategy. Trust me you will feel wonderful knowing that you are standing in your own truth.

    Arunima Sen Pathak
  • Once upon a time As a child of India, I was always engrossed in stories. I was surrounded by older relatives and whether it was meal time or bed time … I was enveloped in stories. They came not only from my elders - through many media such as the rich tapestries of Bollywood movies that are famous the world over. And as if that were not enough there was the “comic” series called the Amar Chitra Katha telling tales of valour and victory, of deceit and daring, and the Akbar Birbal stories, the Mulla Nasruddin stories. There were the biographies and the books of Khalil Gibran and Rumi and then from other cultures the Enid Blyton books, the classics in English and also the books of Paulo Coelho, Robert Fulghum and and and …. These stories took me to other worlds. And then another story started to take a hold of me .. the story that developed through NLP. I realise now how these stories have shaped my life and in what ways that has been desirable and in some ways there are stories I would have changed … What stories have gripped you? What effect have they had? How are you living your life out of these stories now and what story lines would you keep and maybe what storylines might you change? Come to this session and explore these stories that have influenced you and maybe write the story through which you want to live the rest of your life…

    Nasreen Khan
  • Mind Tricks I'm a business owner, author, trainer, speaker and mentor but as a child who grew up with dyslexia, I believed "I wasn't good enough", and "I wasn't as intelligent as the other kids". Having failed every exam I ever took and leaving school without any qualifications to my name, I decided to spend my time learning how to trick my mind into being one of the 'clever kids'. Join me to uncover some mind tricks that will have you leave my session with more confusion and questions than you came in with but a real sense of adventure into how to trick your mind into being the person you want to be.

    Toby McCartney
  • The Rain Tree, Anna Salai, Chennai
  • 20 Tuesday & 21 Wednesday, January 2015
  • Rs 6000 + 12.36 % service tax for the 2 day event. Covers your refreshment & lunch for the day
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