Shalu In Siva's Words

Siva's got these words to describe his fiance. "A selfless soul who heeds to others' need than hers".

She is hardworking, commits herself soulfully whatever she's into. She's a tremendous foodie, has an attention span of a goldfish, loves her family above everything else and has a sturdy devotion to the almighty. She's blessed with a beautiful smile and is a fantastic judge of character. She's a bookworm from the past and western TV dramas are her current interest.

So noble, caring and passionate is his woman, Siva treasures every moment spent with her and is excited as to what's yet to come.

Siva In Shalu's Words

Shalu could talk all day long about her man's attributes. A visual designer by profession and her best friend for life. An eclectic mixture of goofiness & wisdom, embodied into her soon-to-be husband, never fails to amazes her. His interests include Movies, Travel, Theatre, Wine & Beer Tasting. He's a serious Egg lover and also possesses a good taste for world music.

He's a down-to-earth, grounded personality. He appreciates people's talent and beauty. The most patient soul she had ever met!


Siva and Shalu have been in each others' spotlight ever since the time their eyes met the first time. The official engagement was the most magical event in their lives at recent times. They share a mutual interest in lot of hobbies and considerate over each others' lives and are geared to motivate further more. They are vibrating in excitement and looking forward to their grand wedding. A beautiful unison of soul mates to be witnessed by their nears & dears.

  • Wedding

    June 12 • 9:00 am

    Kamalavel Mahal,

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  • Reception

    June 14 • 6:30 pm

    Hotel Palmgrove,

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